Postcards: Sausalito

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Ahoy from Sausalito!
Remember our dream of one day sailing around the world?! My new boyfriend (he’s fantastic,
btw) says this isn’t the type of boat you take around the world. Doesn’t matter, I told him. We
never really intended to make it happen. You wish you were here.
Your ex.
BIO: Lea Gulino
I’m a Voice Actor and Writer living on a big wooden boat in Sausalito. (nicer than the one in the picture!)
Thank you for the consideration. Fantastic website/journal!
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Sarah Leamy, MFA, is an award-winning author of both travel books and novels as well as a photographer, presenter, and a bit of a wanderer. She has lived in England, Germany, Spain, Guatemala and the Southwest of the US. She is the founder and editor of Wanderlust, a travel journal publishing international travel writing, photos and trip reports. Find out more at

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