May Newsletter 2018

May Newsletter 2018: Spring has finally reached Vermont where I’m living for now and I’m fixing up my old 4Runner for a summer of camping and short trips in the Northeast. Brakes, full check up and tune-up, rotate and balance tires. I’m even looking at rooftop cargo boxes or bags to carry the extras so that we (the dogs and I) can sleep in the back. It’s the season to get out and explore.

This last month has been busy here, and it’s been incredible to receive so many submissions. We had more postcards than I’d expected. I’m thinking then to fill the month of June with those, and then schedule the others for later in the year, August or September perhaps? I’d like us to have a few months of the longer travel essays first. Any thoughts?

With the essays in mind, I’ve had a few people suggest we look into producing an anthology of the Narrative Map. How would we do this? I have experience editing book length works as well as the publishing end of things. However, we’d have to get releases from each of the authors of those essays to be included. That would come later. First though, we need more eyes on the work to decide which pieces would work best together in an anthology? Hold up the essence of the website and the intention here?
Would you like to vote on the work published online? For every published author, please read the website and consider your favorite and vote. Or let me know me if anyone in the community would like to work on this project with me? The goal would be for us to have a year’s worth of material to pick from so we have time to keep reading and considering the project together.

With that in mind, keep traveling, writing, and sharing each other’s work.
Thanks and take care,