Remember Winter

Beverly Rose Joyce

Fairview Carriage House
Medina Ice
Rocky River Rail
Sims Park

BIO: Beverly Rose Joyce lives in Brecksville, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, with her husband, Carl, and their two daughters, Mallory and Samantha, along with their two dogs, Shadow and Reggie. She holds a BA in English from Baldwin-Wallace University and a MA in English from Cleveland State University, and she was a public high school English teacher for sixteen years before taking a voluntary respite from the profession to spend more time with her children and to better focus on her writing and photography. Her poetry has been published in Plants & Poetry Journal and in the anthology titled Inner Eye. Her poetry is forthcoming in The Silent World in Her Vase and in the anthology titled Turning Dark into Light, while her photography is forthcoming in The Closed Eye Open and in Salmon Creek Journal.

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