People Along The Way

Lawrence Bridges

1. FIVE LADIES FROM OSAKA. Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. I’ve never before seen five ladies having so much fun together.
2. MUSCLE BEACH, VENICE, CALIFORNIA. People come from around the world to see the Boardwalk. The locals are all muscle-bound.
3. MAN IN CINQUE TERRE. It was a hot day. This old guy had the wisdom of the ages on his face.
4 .BROOKLYN BRIDGE BALLERINA. She wanted to stretch and rehearse in public. Shows the best performances are not on stage.
5. SIMILARITIES. They were relaxing on a beach in Le Lavandou, France. I could tell they’ve been married a long time.

BIO: Lawrence Bridges is best known for work in the film and literary world. His poetry has appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, and The Tampa Review. He has published three volumes of poetry: Horses on Drums, Flip Days, and Brownwood. As a filmmaker, he created a series of literary documentaries for the NEA’s “Big Read” initiative, which include profiles of Ray Bradbury, Amy Tan, Tobias Wolff, and Cynthia Ozick.

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