Templar Trail by Briana Gervat

Photos from a pilgrimage that Briana undertook tracing the Templar Trail from Jerusalem to the Camino del Norte in Spain. There are five in total, one for each month she was gone. Separate, they each tell a story all their own of the time spent in countries as varied as their cultures, their landscapes and their histories. Together, they tell of an unforgettable journey.


1. In the Lodhi Gardens in Delhi, the heat had already risen higher than the sun, but there is softness to this early morning light that falls through a latticed window which dances with the shadows.


2. A view from the Siq of the famed treasury of Petra. It is late afternoon and the sandstone blazes in the fires of red, orange, and coral, igniting the imaginations of all who pass this way.



3. A woman walks alone across the courtyard of Qubbat al-Ṣakhrah. It is Ramadan and the call to prayer has yet to ring out throughout the city of Jerusalem. It is the calm in the sometimes otherwise chaotic city.



4. The sun climbs over the mountains that surround the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria. It is the quiet moments of the morning and the Orthodox priests shuffle in the courtyard before their matins.



5. This is the last day of August along the last of the coast on the way to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. For most of my journey there had been no rain and yet the day before, for seventeen miles, it rained a deluge. This was its aftermath.


BIO: Savannah based photographer and writer, Briana Gervat, intertwines her passions for storytelling and travel by photographing the ruinous landscapes of history both at home in the United States and abroad in countries that have often known more war than peace. After publishing her first memoir, Mosaic, in 2017 she has been traveling, writing, and photographing ever since. Follow her @brianagervat.

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