Fields Ablaze by Melissa Franckowiak

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jack,

Smoke coming in as seen from Wailea Beach. And Helicopters race to stop the residual smoke and hot spots from the blaze with buckets of water even days after the majority of it has been put out.



BIO: Melissa Franckowiak is a practicing physician and an MFA student. She writes as Melissa Crickard at times, and has been published in Bird’s Thumb, Motherly, Mothers Always Write, The Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, Rio Grand Review, Ghost Parachute, Traffic East, Nanny Magazine, Dark Ink Anthology, Curating Alexandria, Montana Mouthful, Wanderlust, and the anthology, Children of Zeus. She is the owner of a chatty Panama Amazon parrot and a lover of all things outdoors.

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Twitter: @melissacrickard

Melissa Franckowiak on Goodreads Wattpad: @technothrillers

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