Postcards: Newfoundland

An iceberg floats passed the Viking settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows on
Newfoundland’s northern peninsula. Shared centuries-old escapees from Greenland’s frozen coast, through carved-ice and breed survival. The diminishing iceberg shaped like a two-story shoe with green-blue hues revealing compressed ice from an ancestral glacier, while Vikings seek immortality.
BIO: Educated in England, John Barrett is an immigrant to Canada. His work and other adventures have enabled him to travel extensively around the world and experience many known, and not so well- known places. He has also witnessed conflict areas, where human volatility and disregard for the planet’s environmental health are at risk.
John has non-fiction articles, travel articles, fiction and poetry published in several newspapers and anthologies. His short fiction has appeared in the Poetry Institute of Canada, Polar Expressions, Sentinel and Burningword.