The Fringe Quarter by Jay Waters

Travel: The Fringe Quarter is an ongoing photo project detailing the proximity of tourists to the homeless, the unemployed and the underemployed in one of America’s great tourist destinations — New Orleans. Note that some of these pictures originally appeared in Lunch Ticket in Fall 2017.







BIO: Jay Waters walked away from a good job in order to teach in college and do other things, including photography. Old enough to know better. Yearns to be a well-travelled Southerner. Believes that a photo should be, as much as possible, just the coincidence of life and camera. Inspired equally by Edward Hopper, Ansel Adams, Randy Newman and Gordon Parks. More work at From McCalla, Alabama.


  1. Great shots – love the Lucky Dog photo. Makes me think of Ignatius J. Reilly and his failed attempt at French Quarter entrepreneurship.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. the “no see ums” of our current society. how many of us are but a pay check or two from those on the fringe? or have they become just too lazy and let the government give them what others work for? here in the Los Angels area, the local governments are taxing us to build the homeless, homes. yet are closing mental health facilities which many of the homeless would occupy and need. all in all, the fact is, it is a multi-faceted problem/issue which will only become worse. and as time goes by, become even more of a subject for our cameras. life becoming art?


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