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China, Summer by Katie Karnehm-Esh

Travel Essay: Every morning in Jinhua, I wake up around 5:30 to grey light, and a moan of buses on the highway.  My shoulders and hips ache on the rigid mattress, the ones the Chinese students call “too cushy,” but at least my back never hurts.  Chaise, my […]

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Bastille by A.C. Koch

A Travel Story:  Emma eyed the stranger’s bizarre drink at the end of the bar. “What’s he drinking?” she asked the bartender, who immediately shook his head.             “Oh no, that’s his own stuff, we don’t sell it. He just keeps it locked up behind […]

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Vantage Point by Dante Fresse

Travel Essay: I landed in Heathrow Airport, London three days before the start of my university’s program. As I got off the late-night train from King’s Cross to Nottingham Station, I saw that this seemingly small city, while quite tiny in comparison with London, resembled […]

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