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Elevación by Jane Hall

Balloon, or in Spanish, globo Words with round vowels, wide eyes, open mouths Fragile tissue paper planets illuminate the night sky Ooohs when they ascend celestially Oh-ohs when they sizzle and sink onto a red tile roof Crowds alive with the pulchritude and peril of […]

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The Latitude of Home by Joanell Serra

An Essay on Home On a recent winter night, I curled up on the worn velvet of a plushy chair in a spacious, if poorly lit, hotel lobby. As the clock struck midnight, my companions and I continued a lively conversation that had started with […]

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Postcards: Oaxaca

Dear Mom: While walking in Oaxaca, an ancient couple with leathery faces and silver hair approached me. Between them was a small boy of four or five. When he saw me in my Tehauntepec costume (picture Frida Kahlo), he whistled at me like a construction […]