Norse Code:

Ricardo Jose Gonzalez Rothi.

From up here, 221 miles north of the Arctic Circle. It is middle of summer, overcast and cool, not the best weather for drying cod. This fishing shack on an island just north of the City of Tromso, Norway, serves and preserves the owners of the place and their catch. There is no night up here at this time of year. The magic land of the Norse and the Sami. A wonderful meandering through this beautiful part of the world and worries disappear.

BIO: An academic physician, writer and amateur photographer, Ricardo Jose Gonzalez Rothi has had his work awarded, published or upcoming in The Gainesville Sun, Heal Literary Journal, Light, Space and Time Gallery, Northwest Review, Fusion Art Gallery, London Photo Festival, Wanderlust Travel Journal, Grey Cube Gallery, Hispanic Culture Review and Tiny Seed and Ilanot journals. Born and raised in Cuba, he came to the United States as an exile in his teens and now resides in North Florida.

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