Brave New World by Emily Teitsworth

In Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, he suggests that it is better to seek truth that may bring suffering rather than accept an easy life of pleasure. I have struggled with anxiety all my life, but travel changed me. I took the leap to seek my truth, though it has been hard. There are many huge unknowns when traveling. Sometimes it still scares me, but I have learned to coexist with that fear. Any unknown, new, unique experience is better than the fake-happy life I was living while wrapped up in constant anxiety. These images show my journey, literally and figuratively, to the person I am today.

Image #1: Ubiquitous

The world is wide and I’m ready to experience it. Wanting to take that leap and waiting for the right chance. All of Europe right at the tips of my fingers.

Image #2: Spellbound

There is magic in this new world outside my own head. Like the fairy pools of Skye, I am learning, ever-changing, making my own way through like a restless creek bursting with enchantment.

Image #3: Bird’s Eye

I feel like I am looking out over myself. All the little pieces that made me who I am today. Like Reykjavik, I am a bustling construction of choices that lead to a better future.

Image #4 is the featured cover image

Rows of houses in Bergen remind me that color and vividness and fun are essential for becoming my truer self. Everyone has a center and mine yearns to be curious and yellow and free.

Image #5: Possibilities

Not everyone gets to live. I do. If I don’t make the most of it, I’d be disrespecting those that paved my way. Life is about living, not wallowing in anxiety, afraid to take the next step. I will keep growing, keep living, until the world runs out of beautiful things for me to see.

BIO: Emily Teitsworth wrote, “I am a poet and artist. I have wrok published in HOOT, Stone Canoe, Rock & Sling. Bitterzoet Review, and The Adirondack Review. I hope to run a small press someday and keep taking pictures wherever I end up. Pictures and words tell stories and I am excited to keep telling mine.”

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