Traveling Artist


Jeanie DeCandia’s Photos range in location but not quality. Beautiful work. Thank you.

Guam: In the middle of Guam’s southern villages lies the rolling landscape of raw nature. Island life of hiking and enjoying nature with an array of colors and textures to behold for all outdoor enthusiasts.


In Japan, many times it seems the earth and sky are blended together in harmony. Mountains and mist engulf to bring an incredible experience.


Far in the outback of Australia, a wonder of rock mountains that seem to have exploded from bare calming sands. Not just a rock but mountains made of boulders scattered about in an odd, mysterious sight.


A marvel to be seen in the Australian Outback, Ayers Rock: Natures masterpiece.


Many gorges in the Australia Outback gives you a sense of peace and timelessness. Between the mountains lives an oasis of calm serenity.

BIO: Jeanie DeCandia is a traveling artist, who captures natures raw beauty. As a traveling artist she has explored many places around the world, including; Guam, Australia, Japan, Italy, Germany, North America, just to name a few. While experiencing various landscapes,each photo brings you to that moment of time standing still. Jeanie DeCandia not only is a photographer but also a painter whos keen eye notices textures, shadowing and incredible fine details that we miss in our lives going from point A to point B. She has named her style of art A.5.


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