Mapping the World with our Stories


Thanks from Wanderlust!
It’s been quite the year. We’ve had 44,239 visitors since I started up this online journal of travel stories in Oct 2017.
I’m so inspired by the emails and comments and community we’re building here. I’m not stopping here. Let’s keep going.
2019, what do you have for us?


Next year, the goal is to publish an anthology of our best work. We’ve had more than 63 countries submit stories & photos.
Our readers came from 114 countries.
If you have suggestions for themes for 2019, email me and I’ll try to work them in. One is Van Life given that my own books focus on that form of exploring. Another is on traveling with pets as I do. What would you like to read? Write?

Search the website by date, place, or category.


If you like what you read and write on A Narrative Map, please consider donating. The submission fees barely cover the costs of Submittable, WordPress, internet, or advertising. My own time has been 100% volunteer. My challenge is to make this sustainable. Any suggestions?

Other ways to support us:
Submit your travel anecdotes.
Share the website with your community.
Shop for my other travel books, you might find one in the free library or you can look on Barnes and Noble!


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