Red Desert by Maayan D’Antonio

 I emerge from a red desert

Where black and red intertwine as snakes

A plateau rises, a wave falls

As two celestial beings hang

In a pale blue sky

And all I want is to fly

A precious stone is torn

From a warm embrace

A brown eagle lands

Talen outstretched, grabbing flesh

Rippling blue flows down the valley

And it all happens in a big hurry

It changes so fast, as the mist comes about

Can almost smell the sea

As I approach the end of the line

As the sun burns away I reminisce

About that scorching red desert

And oh how it’s missed

 Olgas Landscape Australia Kata Tjuta Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta

I sing a song of farewell,
for your bosoms I reluctantly leave
The warmth of your lips
The breeze of your sighs

With an aching heart
I will look back and see
Your liquid brown skin
Rising and falling upon the dying sun


BIO: Maayan D’Antonio is a MFA student in Writing and Publishing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.