Wanderlust is focused on sharing travel narratives, sketches, and images by both known writers and promising new voices.

Wanderlust. Nomad. Wanderer. Traveller. Adventurer. Explorer. Insatiably curious or easily bored? How would you define Wanderlust? How do you explain your need to hit the road again? Can you? As Bill Bryson said in the 2016 Best of American Travel Essays, he travels simply because it gives him pleasure.

For some it is also a need, psychological and creative. Without movement, travel, new experiences, life becomes dull. Taking an unknown road, finding the best lake to camp beside, chatting to those met along the way, this is what life is for.

Wanderlust is dedicated to travelogues, trip reports, photographs and nonfiction essays taken from unique experiences on the road. In these stories there’s an open sense of adventure and innocence, one that takes a personal experience and taps into something universal. A narrative map is the result.

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With essays from Russia, Ecuador, Colorado, England, New Mexico, Mexico, New York City, Norway, Alaska, Australia, Greece, and that’s just in the first few months, we expect great things. We will find them and share them with you. Send them in.

Did we say thanks enough? We’re thrilled to be part of this community. Keep travelling. Keep telling your stories.

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Managing Editor, Wanderlust.

Sarah is an award-winning novelist and travel writer. Born in England, she’s been traveling since she got a backpack at age 18, a bit of an interesting life so far.