Meadows Flowers Waterfalls

Kathleen L. Johnston

Every photo has a story, and the following paragraph tells how these came to be grouped together:

During the recent time of isolation my partner and I took “sanity drives” to get out of the house. We followed the dirt roads and back roads within thirty miles of home, reintroducing ourselves to the genius loci, that natural spirit of a place that makes it so distinctive. We learned that the spirit here is strong.

We found homesites with no homes left standing, but with their abandoned gardens in bloom, sometimes side by side with native wildflowers.

Antique Iris.

The farmlands, whether they supported cattle or fruit trees, laid open the shape and flow of the countryside.

So Much Depends on Peach Blossoms.

We live in a place of abundant water, and we discovered forest ponds and traced the small waterways to the Savannah River.

Doe in the Pecan Orchard.

The diversity of wildlife was a constant source of surprise, and we learned a lesson from the sunbathing alligators.

Pied Bill Grebe, Steven’s Creek.

Nearing the Savannah.


Basking in a time of solitude, in the spirit of place, made our isolation into a beautiful thing.

BIO: The only planning that goes into K.L. Johnston’s photography lies in taking her camera with her wherever she goes. The majority of her subjects are environmental.

Photos by: Kathleen L. Johnston

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