We accept submissions all year and spread out different themes across the months. Have a look at the Submittable profile for a current list. Thanks.
We’re curious to hear from those who love to wander and write about their experiences. It’s a compulsion, a restlessness that keeps many of us on edge and on the move. Be specific. Be generous. We’re interested in your journeys, the dark underbelly, the compulsions and the incredible moments of joy that split you open. Tell a story rooted in experience of place and people. So please: Take us with you.
The focus is on connection across the world. Keep that in mind.


If your word document has your name or info on, it will be rejected. Please include a cover letter saying why this piece is a good fit for our readers. Word count of 1000-1500 max. Submit in Word doc. Double spaced. No extra line breaks or spaces between paragraphs. With a title of the piece on each document. Times New Roman. 12 pt.
BIOs are limited to 25 words. Third person. Be professional.
Photos need to be numbered with a title, number and hopefully a caption. Copy that information to your cover letter please. Make it easy on us and we’re more likely to work with you.
Please contact us if you have any questions that can’t be answered by using the contact page below. Unpublished writers are encouraged to send in their work, just make it your best, well written, and evocative. We don’t have the time to edit your work, sorry. Previously published work is also accepted. We need to acknowledge when and where though so give us the link.
This journal aims to give a voice for unpublished as well as accomplished writers and those with great travel experiences.
Wanderlust-Journal acquires publication rights, but you, the writer, still own your work. What this means is that we hold the publication rights for 30 days after you work is posted online. After 30 days, you are free to publish and submit your work elsewhere. We kindly ask for acknowledgment for subsequent reprints of your work.


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide payment for publication in Wanderlust-Journal. We have no funding, grants, subscriptions, advertisements or memberships. The submission fees only cover the Submittable website and our own. We are volunteers, the readers, editors, publishers. Our time is unpaid. More disclaimers…

  • We accept simultaneous submissions. Please immediately notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
  • We ask that you limit your submissions to one essay.
  • For photos, please use the relevant form that will allow you to send in 3-5 images.

And thank you for being part of this incredible community. Please share the website with your friends.

You can also find us on Duotrope, read the interview with our Founding Editor, Sarah, and see how Wanderlust has been validated by their process.

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