Sandra Hosking

In June 2020, my 76-year-old mother and I broke quarantine and took a road trip to Yellowstone National Park from Spokane, WA.

North Entrance – Yellowstone’s landscape is striking and varied, with clear waters and stark hillsides under an expanse of sky.

Mammoth – Nature uses a palette of minerals to paint Mammoth, where sediment settles in whites and oranges.

Pronghorn – Pronghorns are plenty on the plains. Lewis and Clark remarked on their “fleetness” in their journals.

Geysers in the Morning – Heading down to Old Faithful one morning to beat the crowd, we broke through the trees and were met by a wall of steaming geysers that stretched for miles against a backdrop of smoke.

Pool – Thermal pools dot the landscape at Yellowstone and sparkle like gems or appear opalescent as this blue pond surrounded by red sediment.

BIO: Sandra Hosking is a professional editor, writer and playwright based in Spokane, WA, USA. Publishing credits include The Spokesman-Review, Journal of Business, Glass International, Inland NW Homes & Lifestyles, Down to Earth Northwest, Insight for Playwrights, Joey, 3 Elements Review, West Texas Review, and Edify Fiction. Her plays have been performed in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Canada, and elsewhere.


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  1. I love Yellowstone and can’t wait to go back. We rode our Harley Davidson touring motorcycle. I remember coming back from the small town at night and having to stop because buffalo’s were in the middle of the road. Scary. They could charge at us at any moment and we didn’t have the protection of being in a car. We sat very quietly… Turned of the engine.. waited.. waited.. their sounds were amazing yet I was still petrified. Thank God 20 minutes passed and a car started honking and honking and kept driving as the buffalo moved off the road. The people in the car obviously knew how to get the buffalo to disperse. I’ll never forget sitting so quietly on the back of my husband’s motorcycle and praying.

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