Wanderlust #3 EBOOK!

Download a copy of the latest anthology from us directly as a pdf. (I’m working on getting it on Apple Books but having a bit of a hard time working it out…) We have two versions, the first is the ebook without photos:

The following link below is for the Photo Version edited by Clement Obropta. I had to reduce the file size to 5MB so it only looks good on a phone or Kindle/Nook unfortunately. I suggest you download to them rather than look on the laptop – the images don’t work well on there. Ugh. Sorry.

Let me know if you have any issues. Thank you for all the support over the years! Five and counting!

This latest anthology, Wanderlust #3, contains the best travel essays of 2021 as selected from the finest works published through our online magazine. At its heart, WANDERLUST is home for the creative power of a pen and a passport. 

With huge thanks to our essay contributors, Andra Watkins, Alison Auger, Gloria Nixon-John, Elie Axelroth, Suzanne Roberts, Helen Lippman, Aaron Horwath, Jess D. Taylor, Pam Newton, Camille Lowry, Paul Perilli, Kendall Poe, Erica Plouffe Lazure, Tiffiny Spire, Hannah Berman, Christie Munson Muller, Birgit Hedwig Wildt, Dustin Grinnell, Bob Kunzinger, Anne-Marie Oomen, Samantha Schoech, Clement Obropta, M.K. Martin, Nancy Barnes, Tamara Deland, Anna Oberg and Suzanne Roberts.

Photos by:

Dr. Benjamin Erlandson, Martha Nance, Elana Wolff, Tristan Marajh, Gabrielle Bremer, Elie Axelroth, Kevin Morris, Lawrence Bridges, Lance Mason, Kevin Cheeseman, Lance Mason,
Keira Sinclair, Lawrence Bridges, Richard LeBlond, Jessica Bidwell, Leah Oates, Karyna Aslanova, Kendall Poe, Lisa Dower, Meg Freer, Roger Camp, Kevin Cheeseman, Jeanie DeCandia, Kris Fricke, Gloria Lee, Jeanie DeCandia, Schyler Sanks, Sarah Leamy, Jennifer Companik, Kevin Cheeseman, David W. Berner, Yaara Rozner Laizé, Richard LeBlond, Clement Obropta, Sandra Hosking, Josh deLacy, M.K. Martin, and Stuart Baker Hawk.