1. Van Life

Exploring the Northwest in a van with two dogs and a cat called Stephen, Sarah set out looking for a new place to call home. They drove 7200 miles, all on rural backroads, exploring Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Washington, Oregon and back through Idaho, stopping at hidden lakes, mountain rivers, and on the ocean beaches of Oregon, chatting to locals and finding the best microbreweries in the areas.
Reminding us of Bill Bryson, The Tao of Pooh and the Rough Travel Guides, Sarah’s stories combine history, anecdotes, and maybe a little imagination.

The travelogue, Van Life, won Best Nonfiction in the Great Northwest Book Contest of 2017 and was named finalist in the NM/AZ Book Awards of 2018.


Available as an ebook or in print through Amazon and Barnes & Noble among others.

2. Bring a Chainsaw

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to clean up after a hurricane in Florida? Where those dirt roads in Colorado will take you? How to build an adobe and strawbale home by hand? What to expect riding your motorcycle across the States with stilts strapped on the seat? How to keep your mouth shut when living at a Buddhist monastery in England? Or what to wear for your first day at Clown School?

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Reviews include:

Sarah Leamy’s gift to the world is her voice. Her narratives are whole-hearted, humorous and at times, heart-breaking. I loved every moment I spent with this book. “Good honest work.” (L. DeCerce)

“Currently devouring. Sarah voices so many questions a fellow wanderer also asks. Her humor is quippy- unapologetically English; yet New Mexican spirit shines through and through. Keep dreaming, yearning, and wandering. – Not all who wander are lost.” (Ryan P Freeman)