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I’ll be creating sub-pages soon for our contributors to link their works, books, and websites. It’s a process. In the meantime, here’s a beginning with links to our Managing Editor’s travel books.

BRING A CHAINSAW: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to clean up after a hurricane in Florida? Where those dirt roads in Colorado will take you? How to build an adobe and strawbale home by hand? What to expect riding your motorcycle across the States with stilts strapped on the seat? How to keep your mouth shut when living at a Buddhist monastery in England?

VAN LIFE: With her two friendly pups, and a somewhat feral cat called Stephen, Sarah explored the backroads of the Northwest. Passing through Colorada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon, this little family stumbled across those back roads.

STEVIE’S TRAVELS PHOTO ESSAY: Meet Little Stevie. He was once a foundling feral kitten who is now an adept traveling cat. He took to life in the camper van and hiked with the two dogs, explored mountain lakes, and even ocean beaches. The Northwest became a second home. This is his story.

VAN LIFE PHOTO ESSAY: In a van with two dogs and a cat called Stephen, Sarah set out looking for a new place to call home. They drove 7200 miles, all on rural backroads, exploring Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. They stopped at hidden lakes, mountain rivers, and chatting to locals.  It was quite the trip.

EXPLORING NEW MEXICO: Over the last twenty years, Sarah has taken as many back roads as possible, giving her a great sense of the most unique camping sites, hiking trails, rivers, mountains, lakes and dirt tracks.

DIRT ROADS AND DOGS: Are you an armchair traveler? Or do you like to get out with your dogs to discover new campgrounds and forest roads? Well, sit back and enjoy these photographs of trips through Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico with Harold, Rosie and Oliver.